image from Dapper - JSON type custom mapper

Dapper - JSON type custom mapper

Let’s assume that we have such read model: public class ProductReadModel { public int Id { get; private set; } public string Name { get; private set; } public int CategoryId { get; private set; } public Category Category { get; private set; } …

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image from CQRS - Third step - Simple read model

CQRS - Third step - Simple read model

This post series is driven by my lightning talk about how to introduce CQRS to your project. I thought that would be good to explain this topic further for people who won’t be attending my presentation. I will write about: splitting code to …

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image from Angular - resolving route data

Angular - resolving route data

In angular 1 resolving data into a route and using them in controllers was really straightforward. Below injecting orders into ordersController. $stateProvider .state('app.orders', { resolve: { .. url: "/orders/{userId}", orders: …

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