Hugo migration - 2020-03-14

Wordpress to Hugo – why and how

A few weeks ago, I began my journey to migrate an existing blog from Wordpress to Hugo. I waited for that moment for a long time, and finally, it got me. This post will be a first of in a series of many about moving to …
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Event Storming - 2018-05-24

Event Storming - retrospection

Event Storming is a workshop which makes it easier to understand business domain and to translate it into an architecture of the application. It was first described by Alberto Brandolini in his blog post, in November …
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Design patterns - 2018-02-19

CQRS in 4 steps - presentation

I finished work on my presentation about “CQRS in 4 steps” which will be shown during 4Developers conference. You can find slides from my presentation on Slideshare. Also, you can check my blog posts: splitting code to …
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