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DevConf 2017

DevConf (former DevDay) has ended. It was a great event with interesting presentations and inspiring people who were always willing to argue on some important topics like “Why repositories are evil” ;) Even if I was slightly discouraged by machine learning’s panels (they weren’t targeted to developers) it was intriguing to check how you can use such technologies can alter life around us.

I have chosen 4 presentations which I recommend from this conference:

Jimmy Bogard - Domain Driven Design: The Good Parts

Jimmy’s talk was my most expected one from this event and I wasn’t disappointed. Very interesting case-study scenarios where he tried and implemented DDD patterns into his application. Mandatory for people who Domain Driven Desing connects only with entities and repositories.

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Venkat Subramaniam - The Art of Simplicity

Very often we tend to complicate our life with creating structures or processes that they are a result of our gigantic ego. This talk was about how to find if we are in this trap and how to go back on proper track. Straightforward but usually forgotten rules. And great thought - Simple is not easy.

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Szymon Kulec - Performance That Pays Off

Szymon introduced to us some options how to optimize code in depths of our application and how it will positively affect our high-level performance. Worth remembering, even if, on daily basis, we create typical web applications.

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Sebastian Gębski - “Cargo Cults” in Building Modern Software Systems

I was very impressed by this talk - Sebastian went through our, developer’s environment pointing multiple trends which we are following blindly (like lemmings) because they are so popular in our community. And how we should oppose them and lead ourselves to better tomorrow.

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