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Dapper - JSON type custom mapper

Let’s assume that we have such read model:

public class ProductReadModel 
	public int Id { get; private set; }
	public string Name { get; private set; }
	public int CategoryId { get; private set; }
	public Category Category { get; private set; }
	public Dictionary<int, object> FieldValues { get; private set; }

And we want store Category and FieldValues in the table, as JSON string.  How to handle JSON serialization and deserialization in Dapper?


TypeHandlers are an option in Dapper to serialize / deserialize objects during saving and querying the database. First, we define an implementation of ITypeHandler interface:

public class JsonObjectTypeHandler : SqlMapper.ITypeHandler
	public void SetValue(IDbDataParameter parameter, object value)
		parameter.Value = (value == null)
			? (object)DBNull.Value
			: JsonConvert.SerializeObject(value);
		parameter.DbType = DbType.String;

	public object Parse(Type destinationType, object value)
		return JsonConvert.DeserializeObject(value.ToString(), destinationType);

SetValue method returns serialized object to JSON string, handling also the null value. Parse method returns deserialized object from the database column.

Then we register our type handlers during app startup:

	SqlMapper.AddTypeHandler(typeof(Dictionary<int, object>), new JsonObjectTypeHandler ());
	SqlMapper.AddTypeHandler(typeof(Category), new JsonObjectTypeHandler ());

In that way, we achieve seamless objects serialization and deserialization without changing our code.

Private fields

I like to keep my class setters private to force usage of strictly defined changing methods.

But on another hand, we want to gather full object from the database. To achieve it we inherit from **DefaultContractResolver **and allow setting also private fields:

public class NonPublicPropertiesResolver : DefaultContractResolver
	protected override JsonProperty CreateProperty(MemberInfo member, MemberSerialization memberSerialization)
		var prop = base.CreateProperty(member, memberSerialization);
		var pi = member as PropertyInfo;
		if (pi != null)
			prop.Readable = (pi.GetMethod != null);
			prop.Writable = (pi.SetMethod != null);
		return prop;

Then we register resolver during app startup:

	JsonConvert.DefaultSettings = () => new JsonSerializerSettings
		ContractResolver = new NonPublicPropertiesResolver()

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